Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I have chronic sinusitis and have compiled information about sinus remedies that I have found over the years. I originally did this for my own use but thought others might also find it useful.

These are the sections I’ve divided the remedies into:

Ongoing sinus care

Sinus rinses

Generally once per day. If things are going really well it can be dropped down to twice per week.

Sinus rinses are probably the first thing you will be told to try if you have sinus problems. I’ve found them to be really helpful so do them regularly.

I’ve been told you can do them 3 times a day but I found that too much. I think it can be irritating or drying for me so I generally do once per day but in times where I have a cold or sinus infection I increase it to twice per day.

You can read more about sinus rinses on the NeilMed website. I use NeilMed sachets but you can make your own rinse. I had trouble when I tried making it myself and found it stung but I should try again since it’s much cheaper to make yourself.

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At least once per week, needed to loosen neck and shoulder muscles.

As much as I hate doing it, regular exercise makes a huge difference to my sinus health. I have found when the muscles around my neck and shoulders are tense or stiff it reduces sinus drainage and I have more headaches. I don’t know if this applies to other people with chronic sinus problems but it does with me. I talk a bit more about this in the Osteopath section if you want to read more about it.

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Steroid nasal spray and antihistimines for allergies.

I have allergic rhinitis so my symptoms are always worse in hayfever season. When you have allergies they can cause inflammation in the sinuses so taking care of that is the closest I can get to getting to treating the cause of the problem. It’s still not a cure but it helps.

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Reduce stress and sleep well

Not always possible but try your best, if you’re run down you’re more susceptible to health problems.

I noticed I would often get sinus problems after I finished a big project at work. I felt taking breaks and not overworking helped keep me healthier.

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Acute symptoms: cold or sinus infection

More sinus rinses

Increase frequency to twice per day.

When a cold starts do a sinus rinse morning and night to clear out as much mucus as possible. Try to prevent an area from blocking off as it can lead to a sinus infection.

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Hot shower to clear sinuses. Steam moistens the sinuses and also helps loosen the mucous.

Some people use a bowl of hot water with a towel over their head but I’ve always found a hot shower clears my sinuses out much better.

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If you’re sick you need to rest to get better.

I used to try and power through colds but I found they dragged on much longer if I didn’t take the time to rest and get better properly.

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